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Shooting with Jackie & Krista

Yesterday, I got a new lens to play around with, so naturally I had to go and test it out. Those who follow my work, will recognize the blonde bombshell as Krista, but this absolutely stunning brunette, Jackie, is a new face to Summerfrost.

Lately my work has been very pageant themed, Sherri Hill Gowns, flawless hair, ect. I Put Krista in one of my own pageant gowns to shoot around in when she arrived, but when It came to jackie I was ready for a change.

Beauty isn’t all about rhinestones and glitter, so Jackie and I threw together a new look. I wanted something a little more “street” something with edge and style. Seeming Jackie and I shared similar pinterests…I mean, interests… I knew her style and my style would match perfectly.


I absolutely love how these turned out, but if the grunge look isn’t for you, I’ll take you back to the glitter and glam of Krista… who also happens to love the grunge look, as seen here, giving love to my Gold Sneakers.


[Kristas final images & more on my shoot with her to come…]


Shooting with Shaelyn

This weekend I traveled to Toledo with the beautiful model Shaelyn Lucas to compete in the Midwest Galaxy Pageant. Before taking off, Shaelyn needed a new headshot, which turned into something a little more…

These shots were taken in downtown Mount Pleasant, MI where we met up before our road trip, in a matter of 20 minutes (we were racing the sunset). At 16yo, Shae is the most versatile model I’ve ever worked with–she can look an age range of 14yo-20yo depending on the shoot, and it just amazes me.

+ For those who’ve been asking about the dress – It is a custom made, But we suggest looking at Sherri Hill for similar dresses.
+ Also, these shots are a little more mature for a 16yo then I would regulary shoot. They are taken with full consent of Shaelyns parents.

Shaes Pageant Headshot, that the Judges just loved.


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(Shae & I)