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Shooting with Shaelyn

This weekend I traveled to Toledo with the beautiful model Shaelyn Lucas to compete in the Midwest Galaxy Pageant. Before taking off, Shaelyn needed a new headshot, which turned into something a little more…

These shots were taken in downtown Mount Pleasant, MI where we met up before our road trip, in a matter of 20 minutes (we were racing the sunset). At 16yo, Shae is the most versatile model I’ve ever worked with–she can look an age range of 14yo-20yo depending on the shoot, and it just amazes me.

+ For those who’ve been asking about the dress – It is a custom made, But we suggest looking at Sherri Hill for similar dresses.
+ Also, these shots are a little more mature for a 16yo then I would regulary shoot. They are taken with full consent of Shaelyns parents.

Shaes Pageant Headshot, that the Judges just loved.


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(Shae & I)