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Arkansas Trip

A very huge part of my life, when I’m not behind the camera, is Family. This weekend I traveled 32 hours round trip with my Michigan family to visit my Arkansas family, and to welcome Sarah into our family as she took Chads hand in marriage. I learned on this trip
(a) where I get my bad driving from, its hereditary.
(b) never give children sprite for breakfast
(c) If you give a 8yo a blow dryer and tell him its an air gun you’ll never have to blow dry your hair by yourself again. 

It certainly was a wonderful vacation! But lets not pretend like I didn’t get at least one good picture from the wedding! Congrats Sarah & Chad! Image


Family Project: Building a Studio Light

While visiting Traverse City, my family all pitched in helping me build a homemade light. My mother was the architect, my brother the mathematician making sure everything was measured correct, and my father the wiring genius. It’s been awhile since we have all come together as a whole to work on one project, so it was a fun bonding experience, and the light we produced, amazing!

It doesn’t look very professional, but the images that it produces, are amazing, I am so exited to begin incorporating this into more of my daily shoots! Below is the light used in it’s first ever shoot with new model Courtney Russ last night and the outcome image!



Family Building: We were all very deep into what we were doing…