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Midnight Shoot

I’ve never shot outside with my lighting system before, but desperate times call for desperate measures. This brilliant CMU beauty scored herself a summer internship in the Hampton’s this summer, and I just had to shoot with her before she left.

Finding myself in Mount Pleasant last night I shot Mackenzie a text asking her when her last night in town would be, when she said ‘tonight’ my stomach dropped. I was booked until 10pm, and had nowhere indoors to shoot at after that time. Having shot at the French Auditorium on campus before, I said lets meet there and hopefully the building will still be open. It was not. However, we did find some outdoor outlets outside, and set up camp outside, resulting in some amazing nighttime shots!

Thanks so much for making time for me before you left Mackenzie, especially big thank you for working with me so late at night (our shoot ended at 12:03am) and on such late notice! Hopefully, I’ll be visiting you in the Hamptons this summer for some more amazing shots! 😉