5 Tips Every Model/Actress/Photographer Should Know for HeadShots:

As a Model/Actress/Pageant Queen or any professional, your headshot is So important. It is a vital part of your livelihood, and the first impression you give of yourself to others in your industry. After my huge Headshot marathon I hosted this month, I decided it was time for a post on 5 tips/tricks to help you take the Best Headshot you can.

(1) Should I Smile, or Not? This is honestly Preference. When I shoot with those in the industry my first question is what are using the images for. If you are a more commercially geared professional then lay on the cheese, if you are more high fashion and slight smile, to no smile can do the trick nicely. The most important thing I tell clients is that, no matter what your mouth is doing, make sure your eyes have a burst of energy, excitement, venerability, etc. You want those looking at your headshot to be drawn in, and by having a boring expression, they are more then likely to pass your image and move on to the next in line.

(2) Big Arms/Shoulders. Im never surprised anymore when I hear, ‘Can You Slim My Arms in Photoshop?’ The better point, is things that YOU can do to stop arms/shoulders from looking bigger then they are.

  • Wearing Black/Dark Colored & Solid Shirt. No patterns. 
  • Wear long-sleeved shirts to reduce arm size, Sleeved shirts to reduce shoulder size.

(3) When I smile, My Lips Stick to my Teeth. Take a dab of Vaseline, and run a thin layer across your gums and teeth. Key Word here is THIN, you don’t want the Vaseline to show in the images.
(4) Chapstick/LipGloss. Because lips naturally have lines and wrinkles in them, they always seem a little drier then they usually are. A quick swipe of chapstick is a quick and effective solution!
(5) Makeup – You are good at doing your own makeup, you do it everyday, Still, If you can afford it, Hire a Good Professional Makeup Artist. MUAs can take your headshots from a 5 to a 10.



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