Mount Pleasant Visit

A couple years ago I lived in Mt. Pleasant, and still travel there weekly every Sunday. When I lived in town I used to shoot with large groups of girls biweekly, but since I moved away I only shoot with clients here and there. Most of my model friends had either graduated from CMU, or were so busy in there studies that our schedules always conflicted. After attending the Komplique Swimwear Event, I realized actually how many girls in the area were interested in modeling, and I knew it was time to work with some new talent for my Project Series.

Thank you to everyone involved, I was impressed by every single girl I worked with, truly. Here are some highlights to showcase Monday and the 15 girls I worked with that day, the Images were shot at the EHS Building on CMU campus!!

Emily – You’d never guess it, but Emily is on the shorter side, but with the way she is working this red couch. WOW! She looks so long, and talk about curves! Emily and I met through Komplique and these red couches at first were just the meeting place for models and I to find each other, but quickly became a valuable prop.


Merissa – Merissa was actually shot the week before, I met her through my cousin Megan, as they are suite mates in the dorm, but I chose to add her in this post as she is in my group of Mt. Pleasant models.

Chelsea – Chelsea was a model that reached out to me. This no gravity image was a little scary, she was hopping in heels and I was so worried about her twisting an ankle, but nevertheless we got this amazing shot!


Chailey. Look at this figure! I almost feel guilty to say that I was eating a piece of chocolate cheesecake while editing this image. Guilt food, of course.


Kayla. Kayla was actually one of the only girls I let wear more then one outfit, not because I didn’t love the glitter sequin shorts (because I did!!!) but when I saw this glitter top in her bag, I just knew we had to pull it into the shoot. I love how high fashion this image looks.


Alyssa. If you haven’t noticed the pattern by now, I told the girls to wear something that sparkles, something you would plan on wearing to a new years eve party or out to a club. I absolutely LOVED Alyssas outfit, and the grace she has in front of the camera was incredible. She certainly didn’t make my job easy picking an image, they were all fabulous. Alyssa was another Komplique girl.


Carley. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. If you haven’t noticed by my previous comments, I am so impressed by all these girls, especially the first time models like Carley. She came in a little nervous, but absolutely blew me out of the water. Wow!!


India. India I met through Miss Michigan USA, and we also kinda spoke about shooting together, and this was our time to finally pull it together. I love everything about her images, the red couch, the dress, the pose, and although you can barely see them here, her leopard print shoes!!

Brittney – Brit I have worked with before for a shoot with Shore Side Co. She came in this outfit, but changed into a lovely satin dress. Unfortunately with the reflections from the strobe light on the satin, I had her change back into her original outfit. I joked around telling her I wanted this images to be relaxed, grunge, and like an embodiment of JayZ. Several poses later just playing around we came up with this. LOVE.

Lauren. I was so excited to work with Lauren, I also came across her through Komplique and immediately knew her potential. Like most images on these red couches everything just works so well. Her and I also did some clone image work, that I will upload a little later on, it is amazing!


Jessy. Jessy was another one that found me and I am so glad she did. It is so refreshing to work with someone with short hair, my portfolio is filled with long locks. I told Jess I wanted her to embody an edgy look, and she did that perfectly. Everything about this image is strong and edgy, and then her face angelic!! She pulled my vision off perfectly.


CoreyCorey is another model Ive worked with in the past for Shore Side Co. Although she is on the shorter side, I always love working with her. She is always down to shoot, and just works perfectly with they way I shoot. What I love most about her image is the red lips playing off of the red sofa. Just wonderful!!


Lainey. Lainey is another model that I met through Komplique. From the moment I picked up my camera She just hit pose after pose, after pose. When I acknowledge her movement she smiled and said, yeah Ive been practicing. Well, great job girl because all of your images were just spot on! I choose this image for her because naturally Lainey has a very innocent look to her, I wanted to shake things up and do something a little more sassy.

Brit & Nikki – These Two are not from Mt. Pleasant, they are actually from my hometown of Traverse City. However, they traveled downstate to work with another photographer and got stuck from the horrible storm we had. It all worked out though because after a phone call, and several text messages later I agreed they should be part of my giant shoot day on campus. I am so glad I invited them. The reason I chose this image was because the very next frame I told them to embody an evil emotion, and although the image is quite dragon-licious, I promised them it wouldn’t ever see the light of day on the internet. I hope you enjoy the upside down perspective.


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  1. Merissa McTaggart

    You sure were busy, girl, but all these images turned out so great! Love it!! And love following your shoots 🙂

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