Project 365, Model #98

It feels so wonderful to be back! Im spending the next week touring Michigan hitting 4 cities, and 60 clients! It’s a lot of work, yes, but I’m so excited for every single shoot and to finally return to shooting after being out with the flu.

To kick things off, I resumed shooting my current project/exhibit series with Jordan H, a model I met during a swimwear audition we both attended for Komplique. I was so surprised when Jordan told me she had never actually done a photoshoot aside from senior pictures, as she is such a natural! What I also love about her, is that from her images you would never guess her height (she photographs so tall), and also that she was so focused even with multiple students walking by. We shot on CMU campus in one of the newer buildings so there were many various students rushing by to/from class.

Thank you Jordan for shooting with me! Fi


Jordan & I post shoot:



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