Happy Birthday Summerfrost: Top 10 Favorite Shoots

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, as most of you know, I’ve been in Aruba with horrid internet connection. So instead of rubbing in the fact that I’ve been on a warm island with palm trees and sandy shores, I’ll do some reflecting instead. You see, six years ago I was grounded because I withdrew money from my college saving account (without my parents permission) to buy an camera. and… Today marks the fifth year that Summerfrost Photography has been an official business! Happy Birthday! 

These images are from my Top 10 favorite shoots over the past five years. {NOT MY TEN BEST IMAGES, BUT MY TEN FAVORITE SHOOT CONCEPTS} Disclaimer, I’m not re-editing these, they are the quality from when they were first produced (not my best work) and also, I want to say, I truly do love every shoot that I do, picking this list was SO hard! Also, Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my journey and my success.

—————— ❤ ———————-

10. {REACH – 2010} Taken for NM3 Magazine’s Model Search, Cover Shoot. 1st Runner-up in the contest Kristen, Blew us out of the water, making our final decision almost impossible to make. Jewelry was by Silver Fox Jewelry. What I love about this image is the Perspective I took, and the editorial feel Kristin gives off, Makeup by Mandora Gourdie.

9. {GODDESS – 2009} In  2009 and 2010 I was Really into themed group shoots, one of which was the God/Goddess Shoot that took place in Empire, MI on the shores of Lake Michigan, where we played with fabric in the wind. This snapshot of Katherine is one of my favorites from the shoot.

8.{BLU – 2007} This was shot in Celebration, Florida with an alternative model named Lily. We were shooting for Evil Needles Clothing Designs, but I just had to get some images of the Neon Blue and HotPink Wigs, one of our models brought to the shoot. This image will always hold a place in my heart, just because it is something so different.

7. {GAWK – 2010} Shortly after relocating to Mount Pleasant I set up a shoot with Rhonda, who was a student at CMU at the time. We were shooting back in this industrial park when a group of students on bikes took a break from their tricks, to watch Rhonda model. Without hesitation we asked them if we could include them in the shots, having them gawk over her in the back ground.

6. {STORM – 2008} One of my very first couples shoot was in Traverse City, at the open space with Beth & Travis, who are still a couple today, and currently expecting a little baby boy! Congrats on the long lasting Love Beth and Trav, and thank you for helping jumpstart my business. Although the quality isn’t that of how I shoot today, I still LOVE this image more then anything.

5. {NEWYORK GOSSIP- 2012} This shot is actually very recent (within the last month) But I am so in love with the feel of this image. After my Aunt remodeled her home I was just itching to use it in a shoot. I told Deirdra I wanted her to be as editorial and as New York, as she could. This was what we came up with.

4. {UNDERWATER LOVE – 2009} Taylor Frank & Michael Saunders at a Hotel pool in East Lansing Michigan, Testing out my Underwater Camera.

3. {MERMAID – 2009} This Image was done on West End Beach in Traverse City. Models Include Katherine, & Gwen as mermaids and Nathan as a washed up Sailor. At the time I was really into themed shoots and wanted to do something creative that would put my photoshop skills to the test.

2. {NEWSPAPER DRESS – 2008} When Cait Lewis Photography (Check Out her Awesome Work!) and I teamed up to do a duel shoot at NMC, I wanted to bring something creative to the set. The night before the shoot date I came up with this, a dress made of entirely the record eagle, our local newspaper. I had Paige and Adam  model in this image although they weren’t a real couple they did an excellent job together!

1. {FireFighter – 2007} My very First Model shoot ever was with Paige, we were shooting along downtown Traverse City with another model, when the firetruck pulled up next to us. The Firefighters, were more then amused with the shoot and let us shoot both on their truck and with their gear! This shoot is what really geared me towards shooting with predominately models.

So that’s my list, it was SO hard narrowing this down, I have done some amazing shoots, and awesome concepts like glow in the dark paint, and having models suspended in mid air. I’ve also had the opportunity to shoot at some amazing locations like inside the State Hospitial Grounds, and at the City Opera House. Lastly, but not least I’ve been able to shoot along side several amazing photographers from (or at one point living in) the Traverse City area, such as Grace Wolf, Bevin Deak, Todd Church, and more! Thank you to all who have followed, it is amazing to see the progression of my work, and I feel so blessed to have had these past 5 years under my belt, heres to many more!

Me 2006, My first Self Portrait: What I would say to my 16yo self? “Your parents are going to be pissed you buy that camera with your college money, and being grounded is going to suck. Do it anyways, they will forgive you, and encourage you as a photographer down the line. Never stop dreaming.” ❤

Me NOW 22yo: (In Aruba–sorry you really didn’t think I could go a whole blog post without rubbing it in, did you?)


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