Dermal Dilemma

Un- Summerfrost Photography & Shore Side Co related, I’m in a pickle. I am torn between the thought of getting Dermal Piercings or not. I know exactly what I would like, I would want three on my stomach, like shown here (don’t worry these are temps!) But I am a little worried to the fact that they have to be surgically implanted and surgically removed. Has anyone had these, any feedback positive/negative, and overall what do you think of the placement, cute or no?

“Body Modification Does Not Change Character.” 


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  1. I currently have a dermal underneath my belly button and I love it! Healing takes a lot of care but I also have the one that is not permanent with just an ‘anchor’ under the skin which makes healing better and scarring less! It’s technical name is a micro dermal implant if that helps :]

    Very cool idea!

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